nCore HR

The company has developed a B2B SaaS platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist recruiters and facilitate the connection between job seekers and recruiters. The company’s mission is to simplify the recruiting process, enhance the experience for candidates, recruiters, and line managers, and coordinate communication among them.

The platform is already available in 13 languages and is skillfully crafted with a high (and especially simple) adaptability to the needs of recruiters and candidates alike. nCore’s HR-Tech technology has already gained recognition from companies such as Lamborghini, BMW, Aruba, Saipem, and Adecco. To date, nCore has received over 22 million resumes, managed over 25,000 applications every day, and conducted a million video interviews.

Head office: Milano
Sector: Hr Tech
Investment stage: late stage
Investment date: december 2023
Fund: “Vertis Venture 5 Scaleup”